Mar 26 2013

Aviation W&B – App Review

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Weight and Balance Results

I recently was able to check out the app “Aviation W&B” by Roy Kronenfeld (full disclosure, I received the app free to review).  This app functions as the name implies, it helps pilots determine the weight and balance implications for a given airplane and loading.  The app is a solidly developed piece of software, with a combined version that function in full resolution on both new iPhones and iPads (always welcome in my book).  No bugs and the app operates nice.  One main plus for this app is the comprehensive library online of various plane models that you can download for free.  This saves A LOT of data entry time inputting weights and arms for various planes.  I was quickly able to find the specs for a Cessna 172SP (my usual flight club plane of choice) as my base.  After inputting a tail number, empty weight and arm, I was on my way!  Slap in how much fuel and the weights of your passengers and baggage and it spits out the all the necessary envelope calculations and graphs.  It also provides a nice “summary” screen which can email as a PDF or save to your camera roll on the iOS device, which I thought was pretty cool.

Overall the app does it says, and does it well, but not much else.  The app costs $9.99 (at the time of this review), so I’ll leave it up to you whether it’s worth it.  In general, I’m surprised there aren’t more free calculators for W&B on the web, but certainly having this app in your pocket for instant access could be a benefit and justify the price.  You can check it out on the iTunes Store here – Aviation W&B Calculator or see the full website at

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