Aug 25 2012

Second Biennial Flight Review Complete

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Last week I completed my second Biennial Flight Review (BFR).  In other words, it’s been about 4 years since I first earned my Private Pilot License.  I find it hard to believe time has passed so quickly, but it has!  I guess technically it’s not called a BFR any more, but per the FAA, you need at least 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour in-flight training with a qualified flight instructor in the last 2 years to continue to fly (so how is that NOT a BFR?).

Anyway, like last time, my instructor uses the FAA WINGS program to track progress and create the official endorsement.  A few weeks ago I completed the ground portion by dong a few online interactive classes, and then the in-flight was last week.  I must say I highly recommend a course by the AOPA Air Safety Institute called “Essential Aerodynamics: Stalls, Spins, and Safety.”  I must admit I’m VERY hesitant to practice stalls when I fly solo, and in all honesty the last time I stalled the plane it was during my LAST BFR (when my instructor requested it).  Of course we practiced them again this go-around as well, but this online course helps describe a lot of the underlying aerodynamics that relate to stalls and spins.  And it’s completely free for AOPA members!  Definitely check it out…

Well, I’m good for another 2 years, so now it’s time to fly some more!!

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  1. Steve says:

    Glad to see you’re still keeping with it! I’ve yet to do a BFR myself – three WINGS phases thus far have satisfied my FAA requirements.

    It can be hard (mentally) to get up the nerve to practice stalls solo at times. I’ve consciously been forcing it upon myself lately. I actually did power on/off stalls and some falling leaf stalls yesterday in the Cub.

    Here’s to another safe two years!

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