Apr 01 2012

AnywhereMap for iPad and Android, FINALLY!

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Just a few short years ago (pre iPhone and iPad days), the handheld General Aviation GPS unit market was booming.  It was RIGHT when I was earning my private pilot’s license and I was DYING to have one.  I remember seeing ads for Control Vision’s AnywhereMap software and system, it looked like the coolest thing ever, and a heck of a lot cheaper than Garmin units.  Of course, I still couldn’t drop about $795 (I think that’s what it cost back in the day) to support my occasional flying.  Well, maybe that situation has now changed!  Control Vision has released iOS and Android versions of their AnywhereMap moving map software package, and it’s under $100!  (Actually, it’s $79.95 at the time of this post, April 1st, 2012).  Granted, I’m very happy with my sub-$20 SkyCharts Pro app still, but I’m seriously considering plunking down a few bucks for this one.  If anyone has used this package, what do you think?  If you want to check it out yourself, here’s a link to the iTunes store!

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3 Responses to “AnywhereMap for iPad and Android, FINALLY!”

  1. John Miller says:

    I have an android Droid 2x and was very excited about this app. Then I downloaded it and found it is not ready for prime time. Most functions do not work and it forces you to download ALL 1912 chsarts instead of the charts you need. This takes hours to download on broadband. Then you have to do the same for tewrrain and airport database.

    The last update made it even harder to make it function. There is absolutely NO support or does anyone get back to you from that company.

    At the present my $80.00 subscription is a wast of money. I can only hope they actually get it working. It could be revolutional.

    • Dan says:

      John, I’m sorry to hear this, that SUCKS! I never did purchase the subscription to try it, and you just saved me $80, so thank you! Maybe the company is listening and will provide some insight and/or help you, I hope they do!

  2. Eric says:

    That’s too bad to hear; guess I’ll wait for 2.0…but great article, thanks!
    Captain, A320

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