Jan 13 2012

Crazy Crosswinds

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I’ve landed in some heavy winds in my relatively short time as a pilot (see my other postings linked below), but I can only imagine the types of winds commercial pilots see day in and day out.  Apparently there was a storm over Düsseldorf airport in Germany last week, resulting in some great footage of big planes landing in HEAVY crosswinds.  I remember during flight training explaining to my family and friends how during heavy crosswinds you are basically flying at the runway at an angle and only at the last second do you yaw the plane in line with the runway.   The landings on this video definitely exemplify that quite awesomely.  You can just hear how heavy the winds are roaring that day, crazy stuff.  Enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Crazy Crosswinds”

  1. Scott M says:

    Isn’t this why airports have runways setup perpendicular to each other?

    • Dan says:

      Usually yes at larger commercial airports, but some smaller airports don’t have that luxury (like mine which although it does have an almost-perpendicular grass runway, it’s totally unusable for most of the year). Plus even if they do have two perpendicular runways, you can frequently have 45° crosswinds no matter which you choose.

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