Mar 29 2011

Flight Safety Briefings

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Air New Zealand just launched a new pre-flight safety briefing video, and probably one of the best/funniest I’ve seen to date.  All I gotta’ say is that including Richard Simmons to get you “fit to fly” is pretty clever and entertaining.  I hope my pre-flight safety briefings are this amusing for my passengers!

Richard Simmons Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand Flight Safety Briefing

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Mar 22 2011

Help Write History – Wings Over Wendy’s

Category: Guest Blogger,RamblingsDaniel @ 8:36 pm

I recently received an email from David Toma, an author of a new book looking for contributions to help launch the publication.  Seems like a great concept, combining aviation and patriotism – both things I love.  Check out the story:

Wings Over Wendy'sWings Over Wendy’s is a book about a group of veteran combat war pilots and aircrew men and women from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam who meet every Monday morning at a Southern California Wendy’s restaurant to honor their service and honor those that never returned from war – Wing’s Over Wendy’s is their story of life, love, sorrow, hope, and love of country. We all need hero’s – and – they are, all our hero’s. Their stories need to be told before their time runs out. These men and women sacrificed for our freedom and this book is for them, their children, and for all of us.

Wings Over Wendy’s, is a book project written by David Toma, who is seeking funding contributions by launching the effort on  – Kickstarter is a web site dedicated to helping creative individuals and it is a new way to fund creative projects.  If funding is successful then those patrons that pledge to support the project will receive rewards for their effort.  The funding is to help in hiring a researcher and copywriter to interview and compile the histories of these brave men and women.

Please visit the Wings over Wendy’s website -if you click on the updates tab it will lead you to an article from the Daily News here in Los Angeles.

Please take a look at our web site on Kickstarter and should you decide to become involved, please know that your pledge will be greatly appreciated .  Sponsors will be listed and each person will receive a credit in the book.  In addition, each sponsor will receive a copy of the book and various rewards are offered for specific levels of sponsorship. We would be most grateful if you would help to support our project and to spread the word about this worthy project to your family, friends and associates.

Thanks and God Bless, David
Wings Over Wendy’s
David Toma
Facebook Page for Wings Over Wendy’s