Nov 17 2010

The Future of Payment for CFI’s?

Category: RamblingsDaniel @ 5:38 am

I just learned of this awesome new service called Square ( – and here’s the link to the free iPhone app. It’s basically the first company to bring credit card payment/acceptance to the masses.  It’s a free credit card swiper/reader that attached to iPhones and iPads and allows anyone to accept credit cards on the fly (pun intended, I guess).  They only charge a fairly nominal per-transaction fees, no monthly or device fees.  As a website business owner who DOES pay monthly “merchant fees” to accept credit cards elsewhere, this service is definitely a game changer.  I WISH Square would offer to pay me to promote their product, but frankly, I’m doing it for free because I want all CFI’s to start accepting payment via credit card.  (I HATE writing checks!)  How great would it be if you can earn credit card points/miles while flight training?

Who knows, maybe I’ll even start getting reimbursed for av-gas costs via credit card too!  I’m seriously thinking about just signing up for one….who else in aviation is as well?

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