Jul 24 2010

Guest Blogger Post #4 – Finally A Private Pilot

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I took my check ride on Sunday and passed it. It was about a 6 hours ordeal but it’s over. I took my test up at East Troy. I took my girlfriend yesterday as my first passenger on a downtown tour. It was a great feeling. It is amazing to be able to fly anywhere you want and to take passengers. The training was extensive but it was all worth it. It took me about 70 hours, ~ $8000 and about 3 months. Tom was extensive with the training. I messed up my power off stall when I was practicing the stalls by myself and the plane started to go into a spin. I was terrified and the next time I flew with Tom I asked him to practice spins. Scary but at the same time the best roller coaster ride I have ever been on. Now the challenge is to stay up to date with all the maneuvers and training.

Flying is an expensive hobby. Financially it has been a burden. Money spending never stops. Right after finishing the license I had to buy extra headsets and it seems it just continues. But flying is phenomenal. Best money I have ever spent.



[This post authored by Dan’s friend Kenan]

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Jul 03 2010

Back in the Air Saddle Again

Category: Ramblings,Solo FlightsDaniel @ 11:05 am

Okay, I HAVE flown a couple times in the past few months since my last blog posting, but it hasn’t been much other than doing laps around the pattern just to keep my skills up. This week, though, I finally flew a few times TO somewhere – and it’s great to be “back in the saddle again” this summer! On Tuesday, my wife and I flew down to Pilot Pete’s at Schaumburg airport. As always, the food (and date) were great, and the flying was wonderful as well.

Yesterday I had the day off work and decided I HAD to fly somewhere new. I originally was going to fly to Dubuque, Iowa (DBQ) but during my flight planning I found out there is an airshow there this weekend and they have a temporary flight restriction (TFR) around that area. So, I decided to fly down to Bolingbrook Clow International Airport (1C5). It’s not too far, and they have a little cafe on the airport. Since my flight was around lunchtime, it would work out perfect. The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, truly clear skies without a cloud in sight. The flight down was uneventful, and my landing there was super smooth. The cafe at Clow (Charlie’s) was very nice and my “$100” lunch was delicious. On the way back to Westosha I practiced a few flight maneuvers I may have to review when I do my biannual flight review later this summer/fall. I did two landings back at Westosha, both really nice. It’s amazing how smooth landings can be when the wind is right down the runway.

Anyway, it’s great to be flying a little more regularly now – and I hope to be blogging a little more regularly too! I logged 1.1 hours for the Schaumburg trip, 1.3 hours for the Clow.

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