May 21 2010

Guest Blogger Post #3 – Flying Solo

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I have been taking lessons for 6 weeks and I have accumulated approximately 28 hours of flying.  This past weekend the instructor signed me off to fly solo.  My first solo take off and landing was fun and scary at the same time.  You don’t realize that once you take off, that you actually have to land yourself and can not screw up because the instructor is not there to take over the controls.  On my first solo, I stayed in the pattern and landed 3 times.  On my second solo, the instructor told me to go do some site seeing, which I did.  I went to Chain of Lakes, Twin Lakes and Lake Geneva.  What a great feeling it is to be in control of the airplane.  All the training has been well worth it, so far.  In the morning we did some instrument flying and in the afternoon, the instructor let me do some solo flying.  I was so excited and I wanted to fly for the whole day.  I actually forgot that someone else needed the plane after my lesson and the instructor had to call me on the radio telling me that someone is waiting for the plane.  Oops.  I also had to snap a picture so that I can show off a little by putting it on my background screen at work.  Dork, but I don’t care.  It reminds me how much fun I had and I can’t wait to fly again.  It also helps me get through the day.

What’s left:

  • written test
  • cross country
  • cross country solo
  • 3 hours of night flying
  • 3 hours of instrument flying
  • check ride

I talked to my instructor and he thinks if we continue training at this pace, I should be ready for the check ride in about 30 days.  I try to fly 3 times a week for multi-hour lessons.  That should be about 10 weeks for the entire training.  I can’t wait to get my license because I have so many people asking me to take them flying.

[This post authored by Dan’s friend Kenan]

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6 Responses to “Guest Blogger Post #3 – Flying Solo”

  1. Todd says:

    Congrats on the solo. You are making great progress. Smart move to target flying three times a week, it is so much more efficient.

  2. Pastora Gandor says:

    Congratulations on your first solo. Nice picture!! I don’t think you are a dork at all….. You are a pilot!!! Looking forward to flying w/ you soon and meeting your family. Pastora 🙂

  3. brk says:

    Congrats! Nice feeling, isn’t it? One question, however. You note that in the things to do yet that you have to take your written test. I thought that had to be completed prior to soloing (I could swear that was the case for me, but it’s been a few years).

  4. Kenan says:

    Hi brk,
    you have to pass the written test before you can have your final check ride. You can solo without the written test, since you are under the instructor’s supervision. However, you have to hold at least a 3rd class medical before you can solo.
    I hope this helps.

  5. brk says:

    Right! It was the medical that I was thinking of! It’s amazing how much you tend to forget in such a short time. I really need to start working on my IFR ticket!
    Now, get out there and fly some cross countries! You’ll love it!

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