Apr 16 2010

Introducing a Guest Blogger

Category: Guest Blogger,RamblingsDaniel @ 8:52 am

I started blogging over 2 years ago mostly to document my experiences for myself and my family, but it is amazing to me how much this blog has grown since then.  I’m always surprised when I check my website analytic data to see visitors from all over the world reading this blog and my experiences around flying and learning how to fly.  I also find it pretty darn cool when people comment on my posts and mention how/if something I wrote helped them or gave them information they needed.  I’m especially humbled by a new friend of mine who recently took up flying lessons – partly because of this blog.  Kenan works with my Dad, and found out about this blog through casual conversations with my Dad around the water cooler there.  Long story short:  Kenan wanted to fly since being a kid (like me).  He always considered taking flying lessons but never really took the leap assuming it would be too expensive.   After talking with my Dad and eventually me (and this blog) – Kenan realized how affordable it could actually be and took the plunge!

I thought it would be great to hear about some of Kenan’s flight training experiences – so I asked him to “guest blog” whenever he felt like writing.  He’s a great writer with some new challenges and points of view that I think would go great on this site.   Anyway, enough introduction from me… stay tuned for some guest posting soon!


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