Mar 08 2010

First “Date Flight” of 2010

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This past Friday, my wife and I had our first “Date Flight” of 2010.  We went to our usual fly-in restaurant destination, Pilot Pete’s restaurant, at Schaumburg Regional Airport (06C).  The place was hopping that day and we had to wait almost an hour for a table.  As usual, though, the food was well worth the wait.  Skies were gorgeous and very clear for our quick journey.  The only interesting portion of the flight was a brush fire in Zion, Illinois (rough location), causing some slight smoke/haze, but that nice wood-burning smell was actually a pleasant scent as we flew.  My landings were smooth because of my recent practice just a few weeks ago.  I’m glad I had that practice, because I’m sure my wife wouldn’t have liked our first flight of this year to include bumpy/scary landings.

This flight I logged 1.1 hours of PIC flight time.

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3 Responses to “First “Date Flight” of 2010”

  1. Gene Spooner says:


    Just found your blog and enjoying it. You mention flying over Zion. I was born in Waukegan and spent my elementary school years in Zion. Goodness – all the memories. Your blog is now book marked and I’ll keep checking in to see what new adventures you’re in to. Blue skies and fly safe.

    • Dan says:

      Gene, thank you so much for your kind words and bookmarking my site. I’m glad to hear you enjoy it! Take care, Dan

  2. Andrew says:

    Just found your blog as well, I’ve recently started up my own. I live only a short hop by car from 06C and DPA. Hoping to get back in the air soon and always looking for fellow pilots in the area. I’ll add you to my blogroll shortly, I’d appreciate the same! Look forward to possilby chatting some aviation soon!

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