Feb 16 2010

Valentine’s Day Flight – First Flight of 2010

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Unfortunately it took a month-and-a-half before my schedule and the weather would cooperate enough for me to fly in 2010.  Fortunately, this past weekend, I was able to have my first flight of 2010…and man, was it great to get back in the sky.  Last weekend, my wife and I went up Kohler, WI for a pre-Valentine’s Day spa getaway, so on actual Valentine’s Day we were taking it easy and staying home.  My wife was making us an awesome dinner so she urged me to take a few hours to practice and fly on such a beautiful day.  I’m glad I found the time!

The weather was indeed clear and crisp and the plane performed great.  The colder/thicker air certainly helps the propeller cut into it more!  I did a couple laps around the pattern at Westosha, then down to Campbell Airport (C81) in Grayslake for a change of scenery.  Along the way, I flew by our house and my wife came out and waved…it was pretty cool, the first time she saw me actually IN flight from the ground.  I was happily surprised when my landings were nice and smooth, even with the moderate cross-wind that day.

After 4 greaser landings between the 2 airports, I jolted back home and spent the rest of V-Day with my awesome wife.  This flight I logged 0.8 hours of flight time.  Let’s hope 2010 brings a LOT more time in the air!

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