Dec 17 2009

AeroWeather App – Dan’s Review

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Released Dec 02, 2009
Seller:  Pascal Dreer
(C) 2008 Pascal Dreer
Price (as of 12/17/2009):  FREE!
Rated 3.5 as of 12/17/2009 on iTunes Store

In my opinion, the AeroWeather free app is a powerful and must-have application for all pilots.  It’s simplicity is what makes it so great.  You just set your favorite airports and it pulls the current weather conditions (METARs) and forecasts (TAFs).  You can choose airport weather stations from the built-in database by either name or ICAO code.  The great thing for us pilots who don’t read METARs and TAFs every day is that the data can be shown in its original format or fully decoded into plain English.  I find this particularly useful in that it converts the Zulu time found in TAF’s into local time (a huge brain-power saver).  AeroWeather also puts a nice green/yellow/red icon next to each weather station to indicate whether the weather is at VFR/IFR minimums, another simple way to know if your flight is actually going to happen.

AeroWeather_Screencap_1AeroWeather_Screencap_2Sorry my review isn’t much longer, but that about covers everything this great little app does.  I would highly recommend this for ALL pilots, but especially general aviation pilots.  Check out AeroWeather on the iTunes Store here!

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4 Responses to “AeroWeather App – Dan’s Review”

  1. John Wrycza says:

    can you recommend an iPhone simulator / emulator that I could run on my 10″ Win/XP laptop?

    there’s a lot of nice iPhone apps out there – I could leverage those apps on my laptop
    w/o an iPhone

  2. George says:

    Hello Dan, I have been keeping up with your blog and I do have to say i’d give it 2 Thumbs Up! Kepp on posting as I am learning from you. I am currently a student pilot myself.

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  4. Dan Clemons says:

    Excellent aviation weather app for my iPad. I for one just love it. I too don’t want the brain drain of trying to convert Zulu to Pacific time.

    Beautifully done and it is free.

    Thank you,

    Dan Clemons

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