Sep 27 2009

iPhones and General Aviation

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Well, I finally splurged and made the leap to an iPhone….and boy, do I LOVE it!  I’m a techie, and I could write 50 blog posts just about the iPhone in general, but I’ll try to make the next few posts focused on the general aviation uses and aspects of the iPhone.  Firstly, I would highly recommend checking out a fellow aviation blogger who started a website dedicated to listing out all the aviation-related iPhone apps –  If you go there, you’ll notice there are a TON of free apps related to aviation.  Some weight & balance calculators, E6B’s, electronic checklists, POH’s, airport finder, and even some navigation / sectional apps!  Here’s what I’m using so far, and direct links to download them in iTunes Application store:

I’ll do a review on each of these apps in the near future.  As you can see, 3 of the 5 that I use a lot are 100% free – and those are just the apps I’ve KEPT after testing out probably 40 or so other free aviation apps.   If anyone is on the fence about getting an iPhone, I will say that just the potential aviation uses can help justify the buy (in additonal to the TON of other great uses).  Of course, with my Mio C320 portable GPS device, I’ve got double GPS backup sources and I feel pretty confident going on longer and longer trips now!  Hopefully I’ll be up in the sky again soon!

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  1. Krista says:

    Can you suggest a free or cheap GPS app for the iphone for my husband to use in his airplane?He flys a 140 and mainly flys local,he flys for fun.
    Thanks so much

  2. john says:


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