May 19 2009

Still Alive…

Category: RamblingsDaniel @ 6:15 am

homer2Although I haven’t had a chance to fly in over a month now (which stinks), I’m happy to report I’m still alive and kicking.  Work has been crazy busy, and weekend weather (and plane availability when there is nice weather) have been uncooperative recently…all making it difficult to get up into the sky.  Hopefully this week/weekend I’ll MAKE time to fly, but I wanted to just write a blog post to stay active.

I keep meaning to head over to Chicago Executive (Palwaukee) or DuPage airport…so maybe that’ll be my next trip!  Any tips/suggestions for flying into those two bigger/busier airports?

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  1. Todd says:

    I think you will find flying into Palwaukee / Chicago Executive to be pretty smooth. The controllers there are for the most part vary friendly.

  2. rahul arora says:

    Hi I am a student pilot training at Chimes Aviation Academy ( I am so glad to have found people on the web who share an unperturbed passion for flying! i try and live every moment in the sky! I am not sure about the air traffic out there but here in India I must admit that more and more people are taking to the sky!

    • Dan says:

      That is awesome that general aviation and flying is becoming so popular in India! I’m really happy you’ve found my blog. Best of luck!

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