Apr 17 2009

First Chicago Skyline and Lakeshore Flight

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Last night I went on my first Chicago lakefront / skyline flight.  We had our first real taste of Spring yesterday with temperatures reaching up into the mid 60’s, and clear skies and little wind all day, so I couldn’t resist going up with my wife for a flight.  I figured visibility would be incredible, but unfortunately there was a little bit of haze once we got up into the sky.  That being said, once we were fairly close to downtown, everything was visible just fine to the naked eye.  However, photographs still were affected by the haze and the dusk light.  We tried our best though and posted pictures here.  We got some neat pictures of downtown, Navy Pier, and even a controlled brush fire in (I’m guessing) Mundelein on our way back.cimg2876

The flight itself was fairly uneventful and super smooth as the winds were calm.  I departed Westosha and headed direct to Campbell (C81) to avoid Kenosha and Waukegan airspace.  From there I headed East-Northeast to the shoreline and just followed that down.  I cruised around 2,400 feet the whole trip to give myself plenty of vertical buffer (600 feet to be exact) from the 3,000 lower edge of O’Hare’s Class B airspace.  The flight was surprisingly quick to get to downtown, about 34 minutes after takeoff.  If only travel by car could be so efficient!  And oh how awesome it would have been if Miegs Field was still open… darn! darn! darn!

Overall it was a great flight and a good change to give me more experience for when I take more guests up to fly.  I’ll have to try it during broad daylight and a full night flight too eventually.  I logged 1.2 hours of flight time.

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2 Responses to “First Chicago Skyline and Lakeshore Flight”

  1. Todd says:

    Great photos. Did you see much other GA traffic during the flight? I love lakefront tours though during the summer it can get very crowded and often you cannot get flight following. The key watch-outs during summer flying along the lakefront is TFRs for Cubs games or presidential TFRs.

    I am flying down to Porter County Airport KVPZ tomorrow morning and looking forward to the city / lakefront views.

  2. Dan says:

    Surprisingly I saw NO other GA traffic up and down the lake shore…and I was even expecting some!

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