Dec 30 2008

Last Flight of 2008

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Today I had (what I’m guessing will be) my last flight of 2008.  And what a great way to end just an year year in aviation for me (well, really my inaugural year in aviation)!  I had the pleasure of taking up an old family friend (Marty) and my Dad today.   Marty had only flown once before in his entire life – on a commercial jet about 20 years ago.   Ever since, he has always wanted to fly again, and try flying in a small aircraft.  I was so proud to help him fulfill this dream as we flew today.

As I was planning the flight starting yesterday, the weather reports were iffy and I was truly concerned we were going to have to scrub the flight.  Luckily the weather was holding off, and the weather briefer assured me the snow and high winds weren’t coming into the area until later in the afternoon (plenty of time to get in our flight …and lunch… since we were flying around 11am).   Sure enough, the weather was great and although there was a steady crosswind for the landings back at Westosha, the flight wasn’t that bumpy at all.  The landing at Schaumburg (our destination) was a true greaser – one of my best landings to date!   We had lunch at Pilot Pete’s, the first time for my dad to dine there.  Marty had actually eaten there before since he used to work around the area.   We tried to fly over his old work near there, but the proximity to O’Hare’s airspace kept me from putzing around too much to try to find it.  After looking at photos when we got back, we realized we probably flew RIGHT over it, but didn’t get a good picture.  Oh well, next time!

As I mentioned, the flight went great, and it was a treat for me as a pilot to take someone up who was really “wow’ed” by flying.  My Dad had a great time too…he’s loving flying.  Anyway, I hope 2009 brings many more great hours of flight and many more years after that!  This flight I logged 1.1 hours of pilot-in-command time.  You can see more pictures from the day by clicking here or on the picture of me and Marty!

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Dec 17 2008

Happy Anniversary of Powered Flight Day!

Category: RamblingsDaniel @ 6:10 am

wrightplane105 Years ago today (December 17, 1903), Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first sustained powered flights, so I say “happy anniversary to aviation!”  It’s amazing to think of all that we’ve accomplished in aviation in those short 105 years…  practically everyone has taken a commercial flight these days, we’ve been to the moon and back, and now I’M even a pilot!  It’s also hard to believe the first flight was only about 120 feet lasting about maybe 12 seconds, and we’ve come so far, so fast, ever since.  I tell ya, it’s great to be a part of such an amazing legacy!

Too bad it’s so darn cold and the weather so crappy in Chicago today otherwise I’d love to get up and fly on such a great anniversary!