Nov 30 2008

Flying on Thanksgiving With My Parents

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On Thanksgiving Day I got to take my Mom up for a flight finally (with my Dad as well).  This was the first time I had both my parents with me, and the first where I had TWO passengers with me as the pilot-in-command (PIC).  It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it too!  Luckily I was able to get a little practice in the day before (see my previous post), and it definitely helped – all my landings went perfectly smooth.   We started the day with my Mom in the front passenger seat and we flew up to Burlington (BUU).  On the way I let her take the controls a little.  She was a bite scared but was amazed to see how the plane reacted when she would push or pull the yoke.   It was really fun to see my Mom making the plane dive a little and climb too.  It brought me back to my Discovery Flight, and I remembered how timid I probably was with the controls too.

We landed at Burlington and I taxied to the ramp.  There, my Mom and Dad switched seats and my Dad got to ride shotgun (his first time in the front seat).  On the way back to Westosha I let him play with the controls a bit as well.  He had a blast (and I had a blast listening to my Mom playfully scream as he made the plane go up, down, and turn).  All-in-all, it was just a fun day.  We didn’t stay too long in the sky because we had to get back to the house for Thanksgiving Dinner!

This flight I logged 0.9 hours of PIC time.  I’m so thankful to have the two greatest parents on earth, and so thankful to share the joy of aviation with them now!  Click here or the photo of us three from the day to see more pictures.

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  1. Mom says:

    Dear Daniel, I just wanted to comment on my first flying experience. I was very excited thinking about going flying for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. I was a little scared just thinking about it. But as we were driving to the airport and was hearing you talk about it, I was feeling less worried. I saw you getting ready,checking everything,double checking, explaining to us what you were doing,step by step. The day was beautiful and the sky was so clear. My fear went away as I was seeing you manuver the steering wheel. Time sure went by fast and sure was fun. I was overwelmed and super proud of who you are. I was happy to be able to share such an accomplishment with you and Dad. My only regreat was Lisa was not with us, as she was getting Thanksgiving dinner ready. Thank you for such a beatiful experince, I am blessed with such a wonderful family. I love you, Mom 🙂

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