Nov 14 2008

Airspace Requirments Memory Aids

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When I was in flight training I heard a lot of suggestions to help me remember the visibility and cloud clearance requirements for different airspace.  I compiled these tips into one table when I was preparing for my FAA exam.  Here it is to help others…enjoy!  My CFI drew a nice visual representation of this as well, which I’ll try to recreate electronically and post eventually.

Airspace Class Nickname Memory Aid Visibility Cloud Clearance
E & G above 10,000 msl High Regular 5-F111’s 5 SM 1,000 above 1,000 below 1 SM horizontal
C, D, E & G below 10,000 at night Low Regular 3-152’s 3 SM 1,000 above 500 below 2,000 horizontal
B Big 3 clear 3 SM Clear of clouds
G day below 10,000 msl, but above 1,200 agl Go 1-152 1 SM 1,000 above 500 below 2,000 horizontal
G day below 1,200 Low Go 1 Clear 1 SM Clear of clouds

Note – I make no warranties as to the correctness of this information in the future. It was correct when I took the test, it is always the student/pilot’s responsibility to look up the current and correct information from the FAR’s (FAR 91.155).

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  1. Hamp Lindsey says:

    Dan: I happened upon your website a few days before I am going to take the written. I really liked your airspace memory aid. Thanks for posting it for others to use. It was quite clever.

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