Oct 27 2008

Another Date Night

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Continuing our new date night tradition, my wife and I had our second “flying date night” this past Wednesday.  I wanted to go a bit further and up into Wisconsin this time (rather than a quick jaunt down to Schaumburg).  I decided we’d fly to Watertown, WI (KRYV), about 45 nautical miles northwest of Westosha.  My CFI mentioned there was a good restaurant walking distance from the airport called “Steakfire” where you can even grill your own steak (or they’ll cook it for you for one dollar more).  Since my wife and I hadn’t had steak in quite some time, this was the perfect place to fly.

Steakfire Restaurant

The wind was a little brisk that evening, but helped us to our destination.  Again, since we’d flying back at night, I took our club’s best plane (the 172SP with moving map GPS).  We make quick work of the 45 miles.  Upon making my radio calls into Watertown before landing, my wife was amused with the smooth-talking woman over the radio at the FBO asking “if the FBO could provide any services this evening.”  We taxied and parked and headed over for a great dinner.

This was my second time parking and leaving my plane at an FBO, and the second time where an FBO employee came out to put the parking chalks under my tires.  During dinner we discussed whether it’s standard to tip those guys…and I decided I’d tip the guy when we departed.  When I attempted to give the guy a five-spot, he vehemently said “oh no, that’s not necessary” but did eventually take the tip.  So, I still wonder what the standard is at FBO’s when all you are doing is parking?  Anyone out there have any advice?

Anyway, the flight back went smoothly, although a bit longer because of the wind.  Another great date night!  I logged 1.3 hours of PIC flight.

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3 Responses to “Another Date Night”

  1. Tony says:

    I’m the chief grill operator at home, so if I go out for steak, I want someone else to cook it. I guess if you cook it yourself, you can’t complain that it was over cooked. Otherwise, sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Evan Krueger says:

    Thank you for the post Dan. I think the idea of a date night is a really great idea. Nice find on the restaurant too. That sounds like a really cool place. Thanks again!

  3. Scott M says:

    Per Steve Martin’s character in My Blue Heaven, “I tip everybody.”. One misplaced chuck and you’re walking home.

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