Oct 12 2008

First Flight with a Passenger (my wife)

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Three days after I passed my checkride, I had the pleasure of taking my wife up for my first flight with a passenger!  It was a very proud moment for me as this was my first real flight after the checkride as a full pilot.  I had taken up my wife with my CFI before, but this was the first time just the two of us.

Since Wednesdays are our normal “date night”, I planned a trip to Schaumburg airport (06C) to eat at “Pilot Pete’s”…a restaurant which I heard lots of good things about (plus I had never been to 06C before).  Since my flight was in the evening and we’d be returning after dark, I decided to take one of our club’s 172SP’s.  The 32 nm trip took only about 16 minutes as these SP’s really haul (especially with only 2 people inside).  The ride went great, and it was very cool to fly as close to O’Hare airspace as Schaumburg gets.  I had to fly pretty low to keep under the Class B airspace, but it gave us some awesome views of huge houses in Barrington and such.

Dinner at Pilot Pete’s was outstanding…what a cool restaurant!  We were seated overlooking our plane on the ramp even.  It was very cool to see other planes landing and taking off, and especially cool to hear little kids in neighboring tables awed at the planes coming in and leaving.  It was fun to think that only minutes before they saw ME land in amazement!

The flight back was very smooth – a beautiful Chicago night.  Visibility was great.  My wife was admittedly scared coming in for the landing at Westosha (since it’s so dark in Wisconsin)…but it went fine.  I then went around the pattern for 2 more full stop landings (just to stay night-current for another 90 days).  On the way home we talked about how great our new type of date night was – one where you FLY to your destination for the date!

This flight I logged 1.3 hours of flight as PIC.

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5 Responses to “First Flight with a Passenger (my wife)”

  1. François says:

    Nice choice for your first passenger flight 😉

  2. Axel says:

    First, congratulations on passing your checkride!!!! And what a great way to celebrate it! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures in the air!

  3. Todd says:

    Having your license will open up a ton of new places to go on date night. Pilot Pete’s was a great first choice. Now that the 94th Aero Squadron is open again at Palwaukee you will need to give it a try.

  4. Tony says:

    Hopefully, when I have my license, being able to do things like this will warm up my wife toward aviation. That is if she will get in the plane with me.

  5. Danielle says:

    I am glad you had an enjoyable date night. My husband and I went flying this past Tues. It was my 1st time up with him. He has had his licsense for 1 yr. and asks me to go up almost every time. I finally gave in for i knew it meant alot to him. It was a very bumpy ride and I was pretty scared. I am willing to go up with him again although I feel I should learn how to land in case of an emergency. On the other hand, we still have 2 young children. It’s a dilemma for me whether to go up without them as far as date nights go.

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