Sep 29 2008

Checkride… PASSED! I’m a pilot!

Category: Lessons,RamblingsDaniel @ 6:15 am

Although I don’t really have time at the moment to write more about my private pilot checkride yesterday, I can simply say that I PASSED!  Obviously I’m super thrilled and proud to have completed this journey.  Over the next day or so I’ll find the time to write about the actual test experience…but I simply had to provide a quick update!  {Off to work now.}

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Sep 04 2008

Pre-Checkride Practice

Category: Lessons,Solo FlightsDaniel @ 8:50 am

In preparation for my impending FAA checkride, I’ve been doing a fair amoung of practicing the skills necessary to pass the test.  Last week I flew first with my CFI doing a sort-of mock checkride.  I had to demonstrate turns-around-a-point, s-turns, steep banks, slow flight, and stalls (power on, power off, and while banked).  I also demonstrated slow and soft field takeoffs and landings.

We identified a few points where I had to practice a little more – which I then followed by going up solo to work on them a bit.  After 3 of each, I feel very confident on the slow and soft field takeoffs and landings.  I still want to work on my turns-around-a-point (which I never feel I get perfect).

This coming week I’ll do a ground-school session with my CFI just to refresh on stuff and probably go up this weekend to solo practice one more time before a final mock check-ride and signoff from my CFI to take the real thing.

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