Jun 13 2008

Short and Soft Field Landings

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Based on my work schedule, we decided to have a normal lesson before my first true cross-country, which will be tomorrow. The only thing we really haven’t worked long on is short and soft field landings, so we practiced those.

The wind at Westosha was a moderate head-wind, so it definitely helped make my short landings VERY short!  Even at Westosha I was able to make my landings fit in the first 25% of the runway (at a very short runway to begin with).  Actually, before this lesson I always had a tendency to come in fast for my landings, so this really helped me dial in a lower approach speed and still stay comfortable.  Plus, not having to worry about making it too soft took a lot of the pressure off.  Just plunk the plane down and stop it…not that difficult!

After shorts, we dialed in softs.  Having took off a few times from the grass strip at Westosha, I did have some experience with the necessary techniques.  I find it fun to keep the plane moving and go straight from taxi to takeoff in one fell swoop (feels like what the airlines do frequently).  I’m still trying to perfect my flare, as I’m not as consistently soft as I would like to be, but my CFI says my softs would pass the checkride just fine….I guess that’s good news.  The last landing of the night, though, I nailed and it was pillow soft!

This lesson I logged 0.9 hours of flight time and 8 landings.

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