Jun 10 2008

Cross Country Flying – Literally Across the Country!

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I apologize for the lack of posts this past week, but I was busy flying literally across the country for work. Of course, for this cross-country, unfortunately, it was United Airlines flying, not me. Simon|L.A. LogoI had meetings in Baltimore, Maryland (BWI), then Kansas City, Missouri (MCI), then ended the week in Los Angeles, California (LAX). During that trip, I had the opportunity to listen to a LOT of “Channel 9” on United. For those of you who aren’t familiar, that’s the live Air Traffic Control radio station you can listen to in your seat while flying on United. So, although I wasn’t actively piloting any aircraft last week, I did get to imagine plenty of busy airport radio calls!

I know this may be slightly off my usual topics, but while in L.A. I ate at Simon|LA and it was absolutely fantastic and I felt I had to write about my culinary journey. Actually, I scribed this late Friday night after getting back from the restaurant, slightly tipsy…but I figure how more honest can you get for a review than half-in-the-bag?! Here you go…

Started with the “Zen Martini” which was vodka, some sake, and “essence of cucumber”. Awesome drink, a little sweet, not lingering, fresh cucumber flavor and tiny sliver of actual cucumber. Great drink.

The special salad of the night was an arugula salad with blue cheese, apricot, and aged balsamic vinaigrette. The perfect blend of peppery arugula, the bite of the blue cheese and vinegar, with the balance of the sweet balsamic and apricot. The apricot was nice and firm, great bite to it. The arugula nice as well, just perfectly blended salad.

Entree was their Ahi Tuna, sounds normal, but was spectacular. Three huge mini steaks of ahi tuna, perfectly seared on the outside with salt and pepper, just only 1/8th of inch cooked, the rest of the 1.5 inch think steaks were raw, and even cool in the middle (which I love). There was a teriyaki and shitake mushroom glaze on them that didn’t overpower, just perfectly worked with it. Underneath it all was a wasabi mashed potatoes. The potatoes were very blended and very wasabi-ish, so it was like real sushi underneath. Perfect dish.

The finale was “Cookies and Milk”. 6 cookies, 3 different types. Chocolate chunk, peanut butter, and PB-oatmeal. All were fresh out of the oven, the PB-oatmeal just incredible. Served with a tall thick freezing cold glass of whole milk. Just awesome.

Seriously, I wasn’t expecting this! Wow. Good job Simon|L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there you have my first attempt at being a restaurant critic. I promise my next post will be about a cross country flight where I pilot.

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