Mar 22 2008

First Scrubbed Flight

Category: RamblingsDaniel @ 11:22 am

Cancel XI guess it was only a matter of time that I’d experience a scrubbed flight…especially being from Chicago. I was in beautiful Las Vegas for most of this week, but yesterday after arriving back at home the snow started falling heavy and fast. I knew by 9pm the night before my planned lesson today that we would have to cancel. Sure enough, after talking with my CFI we decided it wasn’t going to be nice enough to fly. Granted, this morning I DID see a small plane in the air, but even so I wouldn’t have been comfortable landing on icy/snowy runways (let alone dig the plane out of a snow bank).

Oh well, that’s weather for ya! I’m going to TRY to fly earlier in the week, maybe Tuesday…but of course I hear we have more snow on the way. It’s almost April and we’re still getting snow! Oh well, I’m from Chicago…par for the course!

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