Mar 15 2008

Third Lesson

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This lesson I ran the pre-flight checks completely by myself. My CFI was busy in the airport doing other paperwork. After a thorough walk-thru, I was confident the plane was airworthy. Apparently my CFI was confident too because he barely walked around the plane to spot-check my work. Once in the plane, we ran through the internal procedures and we quickly found ourselves on the runway and me taking off!

Stall DynamicsThis lesson we started by practicing normal flight and 360° turns. Those are quickly becoming second nature as muscle memory takes hold. After climbing to about 4,000 feet, my CFI began to teach me about stalls. I was happily surprised to see how difficult it is to actually cause a full stall (where the wing doesn’t make you fly any more). You really had to force the plane to do bad things. Anyways, after forcing some stalls, I learned how to quickly recover. Everything makes logical sense. It’s also again nice to know the plane will usually naturally recover from a stall if left to its own devices. These planes for general aviation are built for stability…they WANT to fly normal.

We practiced pattern fly as well and I’m starting to learn the local geography and landmarks. After approaching Westosha airport, we landed and logged our time. Another great time in the air…I’m simply loving this!

I logged 1.0 hours of flight time today.

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