Mar 13 2008

Second Lesson

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The weather was a LOT nicer for my second lesson – a nice 40°F (as compared to a very windy 10°F my first time around). This time, my CFI took the time to explain thoroughly and we walked through the entire pre-flight check procedure in detail. I do find it very comforting knowing the level of attention and care that goes into even the most minute details during this check. After pre-flights, I’m very confident the plane is in as best condition as it can be by the time I get into the cockpit.

Turn DynamicsIt may only be my second lesson, but I’m feeling a lot more comfortable in the pilot seat. Every minute flying the plane is a pure joy and obviously when you enjoy what you are doing, it certainly is easy to remember and retain what you are learning. It’s also very cool to apply and understand the theories I’m learning in my books to the real world. Once you try something the book talked about, it just “clicks” and you understand it 100%.

This lesson we worked on medium and hard banks, 360’s without losing altitude, and just general flight. The takeoff I pretty much handled on my own, and I’m starting to run the landing approach a little more as well. Exciting times…I can’t wait until Saturday and my third lesson!

I logged 0.7 hours of flight time. (1.3 hours was all pre-flight education!)

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