Mar 08 2008

First Lesson

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I had my first official flight lesson on Saturday, March 8th, 2008. It was awesome! Since it was bitterly cold outside that morning, my CFI (certificated flight instructor) did the pre-flight exterior check of our 1982 Cessna 152 – he let me stay warm in the plane and acquaint myself with the cockpit. Once in the plane (and not freezing) we continued our very thorough pre-flight checklist before takeoff. We then taxied to the runway, went full thrN64920ottle and took off into the sky! Once airborne, we practiced a lot of basic maneuvers and worked our way to the airport in Lake in the Hills, Illinois (Airport Code 3CK). I should mention that my CFI basically let me do everything in this flight (literally everything except land the plane). He obviously told me what to do and when, but I performed all the actions. Actually, in my opinion, the physical act of piloting a plane is really not that difficult at all. It’s all the flight theory, learning the controls, navigating, emergency procedures, and stuff like that which requires all the knowledge and training. That being said, I was definitely feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information my CFI was throwing at me, but I managed!

Anyways, once at Lake in the Hills, we landed and stopped into their flight shop where I purchased some of the books and tools that I’d need for training. We chatted it up with a few pilots there and then went back to the plane. We (I) took off again and headed back to our home airport of Westosha (5k6). My CFI landeN64920 Interiord the plane again and I taxied us back to the hangar.

I logged 1.7 hours of flight time.

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